Conference 2007 Schedule – Women and Work in a Public History Context

26-28 October 2007

Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario


Presented by the Canadian Association for Women’s Public History


Sponsored by the Department of History, Carleton University, the Carleton Centre for Public History, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and Parks Canada.


Friday, October 26


8-8:30:  Registration


8:30-10:15:  Panel I – Preservation Activism, Past and Present


Krista Cooke, Canadian Museum of Civilization.  Using Material Culture to Document Women’s Second World War Home Front Experiences

Crystal Sissons, University of Ottawa.  “Write It Down and Save It, So We Can Tell Someone Before We’re Forgotten”

Dianne Dodd, Parks Canada.  “Katharine McLennan (1892-1975), Heritage Activist”

Chair/Commentator:  Sharon Reilly


10:15-10:30:  Break

10:30-12:15:  Panel II – Representing Women’s Labour History and Activism

Franca Iacovetta, University of Toronto.  “The Challenges of Doing Working-Class Women’s History as Public History”

Catherine C. Cole, Catherine C. Cole and Associates.  “Piece by Piece: The GWG Story”

Catherine Roy, Royal Alberta Museum.  “Women’s Work in the Government of Alberta Data Centre, 1958-1968”

Amber Lloydlangston, Canadian War Museum.  “Eva Sanderson and Canadian Women’s Peace Activism after the Second World War (1948-75)”

Chair/Commentator:  Rhonda L. Hinther, Canadian Museum of Civilization

12:15-1:00:  Lunch

1:00-3:00:  Shannon Lecture and Reception

Sherry Farrell Racette, Concordia University.  “Nimble Fingers and Strong Backs: the Marginalized Labour History of Aboriginal Women in Fur Trade and Rural Economies”

3:00-5:00:  Plenary

5:00-9:00:  Pub Night – Paddy Boland’s, 101 Clarence Street, Ottawa

Saturday, October 27


8:30-10:15:  Panel III – Constructing/Contriving the Past


Pamela Peacock, Queen’s University.  “Finally the Tables are Starting to Turn:  Women’s Work at Fort Henry – Then and Now”

Valentina Capurri, York University.  “What’s Lost in the Hero:  Nellie McClung as a Myth in Canadian Memory”

Carol Payne, Carleton University.  “‘Guns, Gams, and Glamour:  Reading the Gendered Subject in Photographs of WWII Women Munitions Workers”

Brigitte Violette, Parcs Canada.  « La mise en valeur et la diffusion de l’histoire des femmes sur le site Internet de Parcs Canada: un exemple d’application des nouvelles technologies en histoire publique »

Chair/Commentator :  James Opp, Carleton University


10:15-10:30:  Break



10:30-12:15:  Panel IV – Gendering Space/Gendering Objects


Suzanne Beauvais, Musée des sciences et de la technologie du Canada.  « Le véhicule de Monsieur et celui de Madame : une étude sure les véhicules hippomobiles et la genre »

Anna Adamek, Canada Science and Technology Museum.  “The Inventor, his Wife, her Silent Servant, and his Lover. A Perfect Marriage of an Engineer.”

Lara Pascali, Parks Canada.  “Women and Work in the Italian Immigrant Home with Two Kitchens.”

Chair/Commentator:  Jennifer Lonergan, Parks Canada


12:15-1:15:  Lunch


1:15-3:00:  Panel V – Finding Place in a Hostile Paradigm


Hayley Andrew, University of Leicester.  “Specialism or Separatism”:  Women’s History and the Culture of Difference in Museums”

Josette Brun, Universite de Laval.  « Le site internet des archives de Radio-Canada et les femmes en 2007 »

Marcia McLean, Alberta Museums Association.  “Reproducing Women’s Work:  Domesticity as the Subject of Museum Exhibits”

Anne Marie Lane Jonah, Parks Canada.  “A Woman’s Place:  Presenting Women’s History at the Fortress of Louisbourg NHSC”

Commentator/Chair:  Katherine Taylor, Parks Canada



3:00-3:15:  Break


3:15-5:00:  Panel VI – Women History Through Art and Objects:  Reading the Visual


Pam Tracz, St Francis Xavier University.  “Women and the Space to Create and Learn”

Susan Berry, Royal Alberta Museum.  “Personal Objects, Personal Histories:  Exploring First Nations and Métis Women’s Lives through their Art”

Connie Wawruck-Hemmett, Dalhousie University.  “Through Women’s Eyes:  Images of Soviet Experiment in Textile Designs of the Late-1920s and Early 1930s”

S. Holyck Hunchuck, Independent Scholar.  “‘Eat, eat:’ Some Aspects of Traditional Ukrainian Women’s Labour and Public Art.”

Chair/Commentator:  Joanna Dean

Sunday, October 27


9:00-12:00:  Re(viewing) Gender at the Canadian War Museum with Laura Brandon and Amber Lloydlangston


Do you want to know more about women, gender, and war? Join Laura Brandon and Amber Lloydlangston at the Canadian War Museum between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on Sunday 28 October 2007. Amber looks at representations of gender in the Second World War and post-war galleries. Laura explores the paintings of and by women on display in the museum. Tours begin at 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. with a break in between. Each tour lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes and involves walking so wear comfortable shoes.  Meet at the Information Desk in the main lobby of Canadian War Museum.


Please note:  Tours are limited to 20 people, so please sign up in advance at the CAWPH Conference Registration Desk before noon on Saturday, October 27, 2007.


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